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If you're searching for a new Chicago condo or single-family home then you may already be familiar with the Chicago MLS or Multiple Listing Service. If not, then you may really be missing out on what is perhaps the best and easiest way to both look up houses and condos that match your search criteria as well as get your property seen by a wider audience than if you just stuck a for sale sign in your yard.

The Chicago area MLS of Northern Illinois is one of several regional divisions of the MLS that cover various sections of the United States. The system is run by licensed realtors and brokers who are members of the National Association of Realtors. While it is probably used most often by those professionals, individuals can also log on and search the listings. Real estate agents can give their customers access to the Chicago MLS through their individual Internet websites, enabling them to search for condos or houses they might not otherwise be able to visit or view. Registration to log into the system is required and certain terms of use are in effect.

Residential Chicago MLS listings include condos, townhomes and single-family homes, which are probably the most widely viewed. But there are also detailed listings for Chicago area rental properties, building sites and parcels and commercial properties and businesses. The MLS contains thousands of listings that are seen by thousands of agents and potential buyers every day. For many real estate companies, more leads are generated though contacts made on the Chicago MLS than any other method. There is generally a fee charged by a broker to list your property, although some real estate companies will let you list for free. And once you register, you can use the Chicago MLS search free of charge to find condos and houses that match your specific criteria.

There are numerous advantages of using the Chicago MLS whether you are buying or selling a home. The Chicago MLS search allows you to narrow down the homes you view by selecting specific details such as the type of home, how many bedrooms or baths, square footage and price. Other details that may be included about a property on the Chicago MLS listings are neighborhood or school information, property tax amounts, how long the home has been on the market, when it was built or any renovations that have been made and type of heating and cooling system. It will also tell you the room measurements and size of the lot or yard in the case of a single-family home. The number of floors and units will be listed if it's a high-rise unit, along with estimated monthly assessments and building amenities such as pool, doorman or indoor parking.

With the advanced and interactive features, some Chicago MLS listings may also have virtual tours, not just photographs. This is a newer feature that many potential buyers find helpful, especially if the buyer lives some distance away and is planning on relocating. You can virtually tour several homes without logging a single mile in your car and then narrow down the list of homes you want to see in person. Virtual or video tours are the next best thing to actually being there and can give a prospective buyer a better feel for the condo or house than traditional single photographs. Many first-time buyers prefer the enhanced views, and interactive neighborhood maps can also give you a feel for the surrounding neighborhood and tell you what businesses, retailers and restaurants are located nearby.

The agent handling sales for a condo or property will have contact information available on the Chicago MLS listing and should be able to answer any questions about the home. There are also many resources such as links to real estate agents if you want to sell your home, mortgage information, lenders plus consultation and insurance companies.

The Chicago MLS is more than just a place to advertise your condo or house for sale. The MLS is a virtual Chicago real estate resource site. Because Chicago real estate listings now are overflowing with a glut of properties now, any resource that can make your search easier, give you more information to make a purchase decision or if you?re selling, get your home seen by more buyers, is definitely worth using.

Our Chicago Real Estate Property Search is sponsored by Dream Town Realty and Zip Realty.

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