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Make The City Of Chicago Pay Your Condo Closing Costs

March 26th, 2007

You might be eligible for a little-known City of Chicago home buyer's program (the CitiMortgage Program) that will actually make the city government pay your closing costs.

Now, you'll need to check with a mortgage broker or your real estate agent to get the exact details...

However, this can be an awesome deal for you.

Imagine... Affordable downtown Chicago Condos.

This program gets you a competitive 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, AND...

4% of the mortgage amount ($12,000 cash in your pocket on a $300,000 home), to be used for your home or condominium down payment and closing costs.

You NEED to check out this program NOW! The funds available are limited ($100 million total, with only $10-15 million available at any given time), so youíve got to cash in before the money runs out.

Itís easy to qualify, too. If you...

- are a first-time home buyer (or if you buy in certain "target areas")

- can provide 3 years' tax returns and Verification of Rent from the last tax year up to your date of application for a CitiMortgage (if you're a first-time homebuyer)

- are not incredibly wealthy (you can make up to $105,560 a year), and

- the property youíre buying is within a certain price-range (up to $628,919 right now--price limits are adjusted periodically)...

Now, as we move into April, a lot of upheaval is going on in the Mortgage business so please check with a professional to get the latest details.

If you're at the financing stage of your condo search, shoot us an email and we'll get you the latest information.

Click here for City of Chicago Mortgage Program