New Apartment Tower Planned For Sienna Site

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August 22, 2011 – Even suburban apartment projects are hot with Chicago real estate developers. A new 174 unit apartment tower is in the works for Evanston and if aproved will be built on the empty parcel of land where the last Sienna towers never materialized. According to an article in Evanston Now, Focus Development plans to out up the new 8 story rental tower on 1717 Ridge Avenue and tie in the design with the two Sienna towers that are already standing.

The project has been approved by the Site Plan and Appearance Review Committee but still has to go before the City Council’s Planning and Development Committee and the City Council for aproval.

The article states that the apartments will be smaller than a typical condo units because the new tower design calls for 29 more units than originally allowed at the site. But is also has 11 less parking spaces, so with smaller units and fewer parking the total area of the project is the same. The developer believes that smaller units rent easier than they sell.

When completed, the new rental tower will have a third floor swimming pool, internet lounge and fitness center. There will also be a second floor plaza and the Sienna condo owners will be able to use the new apartment tower pool, according to the article.

It’s too early for any word about completion dates or lease rates. If you can’t wait for these new suburban are ready for renters, there are still suburban Chicago condos rent.

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