Last Chance Price Cuts At Motor Row Lofts

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December 22, 2009 – If you missed out on the November auction at Motor Row Lofts and you also managed to miss the post auction sale earlier this month, then you are in luck. Sheldon Good and Company has sent out an email announcing that the developer of this Chicago real estate project has the goal of selling the remaining five Chicago condos at Motor Row Lofts by the end of this month.

How do they intend to do that? Well, from the email announcement it appears that they believe some price cuts will do the trick. Looking back on the information that was put out before the auction, we have a short list of those condos that are up for sale right now along with the new lower prices.

Unit#310 is a 2BR/2Bath with 1,198 square feet. This is a duplex with rooftop deck. It was listed for $391,900 and is now being offered for $285,900.

Unit#402 is a 2BR/2Bath with 1,389 square feet plus an oversized living room windows and den. The condo was previously listed for $426,000 and is now being offered for $310,900.

Unit#502 is a 2BR/2Bath with 1,679 square feet. This duplex has a den, office, lofty 21′ high ceilings and rooftop deck. Previously priced at $589,000 you can now purchase it for $429,900.

Unit#501 is a 3BR/2Bath with 2,049 square feet of living space. This corner duplex comes with 21′ ceilings, a den, skybridge bedroom, office, balcony and rooftop deck. The old price tag was $659,000 but this lofts is now listed for $481,000.

Unit#505 is a 3BR/2Bath with 1,661 square feet. The loft is a duplex with 21′ ceilings, a den and a deck. This unit was being marketed for $599,000 but the new price is $436,900.

This is probably the last chance you have to get a unit at Motor Row Lofts and lock in the tax freeze, which is something not many Chicago Condo Lofts can offer.

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