Chicago Spire Wins Popular Science Award

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December 19, 2007 – The Chicago Spire winter newsletter has several interesting bits of information. It noted that Popular Science magazine’s Engineering Grand Award went to the skyscraper. To quote the write up in the magazine, “The Chicago Spire’s seven-sided corkscrew design will be more than just an audacious architectural whim.” The article goes on to explain that the clockwise rotation of the tower floors is designed to move wind flow upwards instead of down onto street and pedestrian level. It will also reduce building movement in high winds. Another fact not many may be aware of is that at 150 stories, people at the upper levels will actually be able to discern the curve of the Earth.

Green features that got a nod of approval include the cooling system that will utilize water from the Chicago River, special reflective glass intended to reduce the number birds fatalities as well as a rainwater collection system that will meet the landscaping needs.

The newsletter also announced that the spa portion of the high-rise will be managed by La Palestra, “health and well-being experts” who will handle the personal training services, nutrition advice and spa treatments. The spa itself, as well as the services it will provide, plans to focus on natural themes and holistic methods.

The 20,000 square foot sales center comprised of two condo unit models on the 18th floor of the NBC Tower overlooks the Spire construction site. Visitors can also view a sampling of models on display from architect and designer Santiago Calatrava’s other projects.

If lofty living at the Spire isn’t on your agenda, there are plenty of Downtown Chicago Condos that may not confirm the world is round but do showcase some great luxury homes.

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